The Engadin Challenge Cup

For many years now, we were able to create our own way of playing the game – the “Zuoz Fives” style. This spirit of fairplay, friendship and competition has become the trademark of the Engadin Challenge Cup.


2013 Matthew Wisemann/Michael Kuenburg (Chris Morris/Ronald Pattison)
2013-Festival Mark Jacobs/Peter Suess (James Fredenham/Dieter Buechi) 

2010 Sebastian Cooley/Marc Aman (Grant Williams/Guy Williams 2:0)
2008 George Campbell/David Martin (Seb Cooley/John Cooley 2:1)
2006 Anthony Walters/Daniel Haering (A. Hodel/T. Fletcher 3:0)
2004 Sebastian Cooley/Constantin Thun (Georg Stucki/Martin Powell 2:0)
2002 Dieti Mettler/Edward Taylor (Richard Tyler/Bob Felce 2:1)
2000 Marc Mettler/Sebastian Galperti (Martin Powell/Chris Tanner 2:1)
1998 Erica Tadman/
Graham Dunbar  (Florian Fetscherin/Chris Tanner 2:1)

1996 Grant Williams & Christian Baumgartner (Robin Rumsan & A. Schwendener 3:0)

1994 Grant Williams & Christian Baumgartner (Rupert Wagg & Daniel Haering 3:1)

1992 Georg Stucki & Gavin Turner (Dieti Mettler & Daniel Haering 3:1)

Results of 2013


Matthew Wisemann/Michael Kuenburg versus Chris Morris/Ronald Pattison 
(won by Wisemann/Kuenburg)



Matthew Wisemann/Michael Kuenburg versus Emily Scoones/Grant Williams

Chris Morris/Ronald Pattison versus Martin Powell/Renato Buechi



Marc Jacobs/Peter Suess versus James Fredenham/Dieter Buechi 
(won by Jacobs/Suess)



Marc Jacobs/Peter Suess versus Danny Hewitt/Isabelle Sommer

James Fredenham/Dieter Buechi versus David Cooper/Franz von Feilitzsch