Membership Eton Fives Association

“If you are an Eton Fives player, please join the Eton Fives Association – with your support the game can continue to flourish. The Eton Fives Association is the Governing Body of the Game. We seek your support in maintaining the Association’s objectives, namely to:

  • Ensure that the game flourishes at centres wherever there are courts
  • Support centres where courts are unused or underused
  • Provide coaching support
  • Publicise the game through the media, the website and the annual handbook
  • Arrange competitions, tournaments, friendly fives events and matches against schools
  • Act as guardian of the Laws of the Game and regulators of current practice
  • Help finance new courts, court repairs and coaching at schools

As a member of the Eton Fives Association:

  • You will have a voice in the running of the game
  • You will receive the annual review, members pocket booklet and newsletter
  • You will receive a copy of the Rules of the Association and Laws of the Game and Competitions
  • You are entitled to reduced entry fees at tournaments run by the Eton Fives Association
  • You are entitled to enter the ‘fortnightly’ ladder competition
  • You will have a vote at any General Meeting of the Association

....and most importantly

Through your membership you will be helping to sustain the future of Eton Fives, and giving back to the game something of the enjoyment you have or have had in playing the game.

The annual subscription is currently £20 per annum and this is collected by direct debit on 1st July each year.